A Message from President Jackson

Cal Poly Humboldt is an amazing place with special people. There is a vibrancy that flows from the community to campus; and our students to our faculty. There are also incredible opportunities to live and learn amongst the beautiful nature surrounding the campus and community. The Humboldt strategic plan provides a roadmap to ensure a positive, meaningful educational experience for our students. It encourages us to be bold and innovative in all that we do while celebrating our diverse institution and the work of our staff and faculty.

I am proud of the commitment, leadership, and engagement by the many individuals involved in the planning process and sincerely look forward to working with you in reaching our bold new vision together.


Tom Jackson, Jr., Ed.D.

2021-2026 Humboldt Strategic Plan

Divisional Assessment & Planning Documents

Phase 2:

Academic Affairs
Administrative Affairs
Enrollment Management

Phase 1:

Campus and community collaborations produced the foundation of a strategic plan that articulates our shared vision and sets our priorities as a university for the next five years.

Read the Phase 1 Plan

Humboldt's Purpose*

To provide the highest quality and affordable college education built on the contributions of diverse students, staff, and faculty who are committed to a just and sustainable world.

*The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council recommended a change of Humboldt’s “Mission” to “Purpose” to acknowledge that Humboldt sits on unceded land initially occupied by the first people of this area. The word “Mission” for many connotes colonial language.


Cal Poly Humboldt will be a campus for those who seek above all else to improve the global human condition and our relationship with the environment. Toward this:

We will be the premier center for the interdisciplinary study of the environment, climate crisis and resilience to climate change, and the conservation of ecological systems and natural resources. Our focus will continue to be on sustainability through environmental, economic, and socially responsible action.

We will be a center for the interdisciplinary study of just global societies. We will approach our work with an equity mindset and continue to emphasize inclusion across multiple dimensions of our university, modeling what we want to see in the world.

We will serve as a regional center for the arts inclusive of diverse arts traditions and contributions, and will fully engage with community arts partners and employers on behalf of our students.

As a designated Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and as a Minority-Serving Institution (MSI), we will be an institution in which Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) students thrive.

We will partner with Indigenous communities to address the legacy of colonialism, and create space nurturing of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK), pedagogies, and curricula responsive to their identified needs.

We will be exemplary partners across our region and state by integrating community engagement and contributing to workforce development in our academic enterprise and beyond.

Core Values and Beliefs

The following values and beliefs serve as our guiding “north stars” for accomplishing our collective purpose and goals:

Connection to Place We value place-based teaching, learning, and scholarship, taking our educational enterprise outside and into our communities.

Creativity We believe creativity is central to human and organizational growth and responsible collective action.

Decolonized Knowledge We value diverse systems of knowledge and ways of knowing. We believe in centering stories and knowledge that have been marginalized in oppressive social arrangements.

Human Dignity We believe in the dignity of all and in equitable treatment, opportunities, and outcomes.

Free and Critical Inquiry We value academic freedom, reflexivity, and serving as a repository of accumulated knowledge that is accessible to the broader community.

Shared Governance and Participatory Planning We believe that our collective processes and outcomes will be strongest when they emerge from shared governance and collaboration.

Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement We value contributions in the public interest and environmental, economic, and social responsibility in our work toward viable and sustainable communities.


Academic Roadmap

The purpose of the Cal Poly Humboldt Academic Roadmap is to provide recommendations for advancing academic excellence and access. The Humboldt Academic Roadmap promotes distinctive, innovative academic programs and ways of instruction centered on the curricular needs for well-prepared students, including our support and development of programs that assist Humboldt in achieving the polytechnic designation. Equity, diversity, and social and environmental justice are key principles that will underpin every aspect of academic programs at Humboldt. This Roadmap is a guide for advancing Humboldt’s academic vision.

Community Collaboration & Shared Success

Community Collaboration & Shared Success means that Humboldt and its surrounding community (defined as the local service area) work together, share resources, communicate openly, and create an inclusive and welcoming environment in order to ensure that they both achieve their objectives.

Employee Engagement & Success

Employee Engagement & Success means ensuring all Humboldt employees—faculty, stateside and auxiliary staff, administrators, and student employees—have what they need to be involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and to Humboldt. Their success is supported throughout their experience with Humboldt, from recruitment through departure.

Future Proofing Humboldt

Future Proofing Humboldt focuses on how to create the type of university that can adapt and thrive in the future and respond effectively to internal and external challenges and opportunities. With students at the center, we look to create the type of organizational environment that provides the educational experience students want and need now and in the future.

Resources Stewardship & Sustainability

Resources Stewardship & Sustainability promotes goals that appropriately generate, manage, and invest resources towards the purpose of the University and its adopted guiding plans, through the common lens of “student first,”equity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Student Experience & Success

Student Experience & Success will identify and build strategies that promote positive and meaningful student engagement experiences and success. We will discuss ways to further integrate student support, consider needs of holistic student development, and focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion work.