Employee Engagement & Success

Employee Engagement & Success means ensuring all Humboldt employees—faculty, stateside and auxiliary staff, administrators, and student employees—have what they need to be involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and to Humboldt. Their success is supported throughout their experience with Humboldt, from recruitment through departure.

Statement of Vision for Employee Engagement & Success

To effectively support the campus’ student-focused purpose, Cal Poly Humboldt will design and foster an enhanced, cohesive infrastructure to ensure all employees—including faculty, stateside and auxiliary staff, administrators and student employees—experience an inclusive campus community with a vibrant, supportive culture of growth, recognition of exceptional effort, and opportunity for meaningful contribution.

Goals Corresponding to the Employee Engagement & Success Theme

1 Foster Inclusive Employee Community

Foster an inclusive campus community that values and promotes openness, respect, understanding, ongoing self-reflection and critique, and attracts and retains employees who broadly reflect intersections of identity, centering individuals from minoritized communities.

2 Build A Growth Culture

Cultivate a vibrant growth culture for all employees that provides equitable access to professional development opportunities, emphasizes employee well-being, supports healthy work-life balance, and recognizes and rewards exceptional effort.

3 Promote Ongoing Organizational Development

Enhance and coordinate organizational development through which all employees have the opportunity to share a broader range of their skills, collaborate across departments, actively participate in continuous process improvement and innovation, and partner in inclusive, transparent decision making.