IAP Technical Assistance

The main goal for the Associate Director for Institutional Assessment (Dr. Amy Moffat) for co-curricular programs, administrative units and leadership is to provide strategic, methodological and logistical support for annual, periodic review, and ad-hoc assessment that addresses campus priorities.

Initial Technical Assistance for all can include:

  1. Consultations on assessment planning, methods, instruments, and how to summarize data and respond to results.
  2. Provide assessment-related resources:
  • handbooks, templates, examples, terminology, etc
  • Small group workshops:
    • Assessment 101 (why we assess what we value, and not value only that which we can easily assess)
    • Creating multi-year assessment plans (how to -- using Handbook)
    • Logic model tool
    • Support for HR workshops presenting a variety of planning tools
  • Asynchronous videos:
    • How to write good survey questions
    • Difference between goals, outcomes, objectives
    • Basics of data analysis, display, and reporting
  • Institutional level data with collaboration from IRAR
    • Mapworks, NSSE, etc -
  • Manage campus feedback processes on annual assessment reports (possibly through IAP working group)
  • Provide assessment-related expertise on working groups, committees and task forces, standing and ad-hoc
  • Additional technical assistance from across campus (for example):

    1. HR workshops for planning tools
    2. ODEI - data from climate surveys

    Individualized consultation will also be provided by the IAP leads or their representatives. Peer support will also be available through the IAPW and ODEI.