Future Proofing Humboldt

Future Proofing Humboldt focuses on how to create the type of university that can adapt and thrive in the future and respond effectively to internal and external challenges and opportunities. With students at the center, we look to create the type of organizational environment that provides the educational experience students want and need now and in the future. 

Statement of Vision for Future Proofing Humboldt Vision

Cal Poly Humboldt will invest in the resources and skills necessary for continual success and adaptability to ensure the University thrives in an ever-changing global higher education context. Fostering a proactive, forward-looking collegial environment that incentivizes creativity and collaboration among students, staff, faculty, and administrators will strengthen the University’s ability to prepare for or respond to internal and external challenges and opportunities quickly and efficiently. Matching ongoing demographic changes in both the state and the CSU system, the cultural knowledge and lived experience that a diversified body of students, staff, and faculty bring to the University will be highlighted as a strength so that members of the Humboldt community learn with and from each other.

Goals Corresponding to the Future Proofing Humboldt Theme

1 Support Adaptive And Transformative Teaching And Learning

Effectively adapt learning experiences to meet evolving real-world needs of students, campus, and community at large, and provide needed support services to support learner success by expanding access to transformative learning.

2 Build A Culture Of Continuous Improvement

Commit to a culture of assessment and continual improvement with a focus on our shared future. This includes ongoing assessment and evaluation that informs resource allocation to advance our collective vision and strategic direction, and to position Humboldt effectively for the future of higher education, our state, and our world.

3 Nurture A Culture Of Innovation

Cultivate innovation, creative expression, and advance ideas for equity, learning, social justice, sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

This includes a community culture of innovation that will be aligned with data-driven decisions and sound change management processes, environmental scans to understand change drivers and opportunities, assessment and iterative processes to achieve campus goals, continuous improvement, and new and emerging technology.

4 Include Diverse Employees And Students

Employees reflect the growing diversity of California and the University is recognized as an inclusive workplace where governance is shared.