Resources Stewardship & Sustainability

The Resources Stewardship & Sustainability working group promotes goals that appropriately generate, manage, and invest resources towards the purpose of the University and its adopted guiding plans, through the common lens of “student first,”equity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Statement of Vision for Resources Stewardship & Sustainability

To effectively support our campus and regional community as a place of higher education excellence, Cal Poly Humboldt will be a model of stewardship with its physical, fiscal, and human resources while actively engaging in the pursuit of new opportunities. The University will prioritize resources toward diverse student needs, equity, inclusivity, and the advancement of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Goals Corresponding to the Resources Stewardship & Sustainability Theme

1 Prioritize Student Need

Demonstrate decision making that prioritizes the alignment of resources with demonstrated positive impact, growth, and diverse student needs including basic needs, safety, belonging, quality education, and career success.

2 Steward University Resources

Exemplify continuous improvement and sustainable stewardship of resources to become a flourishing and resilient campus.

3 Invest In Future Opportunities

Invest and expand resources—in collaboration with tribal, community, public, and private partners—to pursue our vision for the future.

4 Create A Sustainable Institution

Champion sustainability by realizing the interconnectedness of the environment, the economy, and our society.