IAP—Next Phases of Planning

(Phase 2) Division Level

  1. Purpose statement (AKA Mission)
  2. Desired outcomes mapping to Division Purpose and University vision and goals (at minimum – one goal for each SP theme). a. Operational Outcomes b. Student Learning Outcomes (AKA Co-Curricular)
  3. Prioritized ongoing initiatives or programs mapping to desired outcomes

(Phase 3) MBUs (e.g. Colleges, Athletics, ODEI)

  1. Purpose statement
  2. Key activities mapping to prioritized division initiatives
  3. Process, learning or other objectives mapping to desired division outcomes
  4. Metrics, milestones or benchmarks for assessing objectives
  5. Assessment plan

(Phase 4) Departments and Programs - Assessment Planning

(See elements of phase 3 above - may happen simultaneous to Phase 3)