Community CollaborationĀ & Shared Success

Community Collaboration & Shared Success means that HSU and its surrounding community (defined as the local service area) work together, share resources, communicate openly, and create an inclusive and welcoming environment in order to ensure that they both achieve their objectives.

Statement of Vision

We will build a supportive community for students beyond HSU, and ensure that the work of HSU, in all its forms, contributes to vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable communities in our local service area, which extends across Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, and northern Mendocino counties.

Goals Corresponding to the Community Collaboration & Shared Success Theme

1 Create A Safe And Supportive Community For Students

Create a safe, supportive, and inclusive community for all students and develop opportunities for students within the community that contribute to academic and personal growth.

2 Strengthen Relationships With Tribes

Work with Tribes as sovereign nations and pursue the reciprocal benefits of partnerships.

3 Broaden Community Collaboration

Celebrate and build on existing strengths in our community collaboration, and work to break down barriers that hinder collaboration.

4 Promote Community Inclusion

Ensure two-way communication between HSU and the community, and proactively seek meaningful community input in HSU decisions that also affect the community.