Student Experience & Success

Identify and build strategies that promote positive and meaningful student engagement experiences and success. Discuss ways to further integrate student support, consider needs of holistic student development, and focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

Statement of Vision for Student Experience & Success

At Cal Poly Humboldt we aspire to create a true student-centered approach to living, growing, and learning on our campus. We believe in the importance of connections to communities (campus, regional, tribal), and that it is imperative our students have a quality education where they engage in intellectual and professional work in and beyond the classroom so they feel connected to their discipline and gain essential academic, job, and life skill that transcend beyond the classroom and into their daily lives. Humboldt students will have the opportunity to thrive, contribute, and feel connected to the many communities in which they interface and explore the social and environmental justice values in which they align. To have a positive and meaningful Humboldt student experience, we will have transparent, accessible systems in place to support their holistic growth and wellbeing. They will be proud to be an Humboldt alumni.

Goals Corresponding to the Student Experience & Success Theme

1 Build A Culture Of Shared Responsibility For Student Success

Promote a shared understanding that it is each campus community member’s  responsibility to support students beyond the niche of their individual work role.

2 Center Student Diversity And Intersectionality

Understand and respond to students based on their multiple, intersecting identities, and contexts.

This includes enhancing and elevating the visibility of the diversity of our student population to assist in building a sense of identity and connectedness within and across the Humboldt campus community.

3 Maintain And Grow Consistent And Accessible Student Services

Implement a clear advising model and a consistent and holistic set of student support services.

This includes a clear approach to student advising , visible, accessible, and connected support services regardless of instructional modality, and scaffolded support and targeted experiences for transfer students.

4 Integrate Curricular And Co-Curricular Activities

Strategically integrate experiences for students inside and outside of the classroom by  promoting and elevating things like peer-to-peer mentoring in courses identified as barriers to success,  comprehensive career-curricular integration, and engaging students in events with alumni.

5 Build A Strong Shared Sense Of Humboldt Identity And Community

Create opportunities for students to feel part of the Humboldt identity and empowered to create and embrace their personal Humboldt student experience.

This includes helping students to explore, connect and incorporate into a Humboldt Community.