Cal Poly Humboldt Unveils Vision for the Future

February 15, 2021 - 6:24pm

Cal Poly Humboldt announced a bold new vision in its “Future Forward: 2021-2026 Strategic Plan,” which outlines the University’s purpose, values, and goals for the next five years.

The plan articulates the University’s vision “to be a campus for those who seek, above all else, to improve the global human condition and our relationship with the environment.”

“The Humboldt strategic plan provides a roadmap to ensure a positive, meaningful educational experience for our students,” says Humboldt President Tom Jackson. “It encourages us to be bold and innovative in all that we do while celebrating our diverse institution and the work of our staff and faculty.”

To support that vision, the University has established six key themes:

  • Academic Roadmap: Providing recommendations for advancing academic excellence and access. The Humboldt Academic Roadmap promotes distinctive, innovative academic programs and ways of instruction centered on the curricular needs for well-prepared students, including our support and development of programs that assist Humboldt in achieving the polytechnic designation.

  • Community Collaboration & Shared Success: Working together, sharing resources, communicating openly, and creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.

  • Employee Engagement & Success: Ensuring all Humboldt employees—faculty, stateside and auxiliary staff, administrators, and student employees—have what they need to be involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and to Humboldt.  

  • Future Proofing Humboldt: Creating the type of university that can adapt and thrive in the future and respond effectively to internal and external challenges and opportunities.  

  • Resources Stewardship & Sustainability: Promoting goals that appropriately generate, manage, and invest resources toward the purpose of the University and its adopted guiding plans, through the common lens of “student first,”equity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

  • Student Experience & Success: Identifying and building strategies that promote positive and meaningful student engagement experiences and success.  

Collaboration played a significant role in the creation of the strategic plan -- a process that involved hundreds of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members who shared their ideas through several virtual forums and feedback surveys. 

“Because of the energized leadership of our steering committee, technical team, and working groups, coupled with engagement from our campus and larger community, we are positioning Humboldt for sustainability and success in the most difficult of changing times in higher education,” says Interim Vice President for Administration & Finance Sherie C. Gordon.

The final draft marks the end of the first of three phases of creating and implementing the strategic plan. The campus will begin Phase 2 during the Spring 2021 semester to develop institutional and divisional operational plans that include objectives, outcomes, and measures.