Strategic Planning Continues at Humboldt

May 6, 2021 - 8:36am


Dear campus community, 

With the successful completion of the first phase of Strategic Planning, we have launched the next two phases. 

The next phases of strategic planning are occurring within each division under the leadership of division teams. Strategic planning is moving forward as an initiative to integrate institutional assessment.

Our Integrated Assessment and Planning (IAP) initiative includes the formation of a working group to support the collaborative development of the Phase 2 and 3 plans and ultimately, a culture of institutional assessment across campus.

IAP Working Group members selected by leadership across the University divisions are:

Corliss Bennett

Robert Keever

Stephanie Lane

Michael Le

Heather Madar

Monty Mola

Cyril Oberlander

Patrick Orona

Elavie Ndura

Angie Petroske

Angela Rich

Stephen St. Onge

Eboni Turnbow

Elizabeth Whitchurch

George Wrenn

Shawna Young

Rick Zechman

As a university, our faculty have made great progress in the area of academic program assessment and review. This IAP initiative will focus on two other areas: co-curricular (student affairs and student learning outside the classroom) and operational activities.  

In Phase 2, divisions will be working first on statements of purpose, desired outcomes, and key initiatives that will map back to the purpose and strategic goals of the Phase 1 plan. 

Eventually, in Phase 3, colleges and other similar areas will develop plans that include objectives and measures of impact that connect to the division plans.  =

Here is a timeline of the next steps for the Strategic Plan process:

  • Phase 2:  Divisions to complete in Summer, 2021

  • Phase 3: Colleges and similar areas to complete in early Fall, 2021 

Please continue to access the Strategic Planning website for more information. As always we welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you’re interested in being involved in the strategic planning process within your division, please contact your appropriate administrator.  

Thank you for your continuing support of the strategic planning process and the University’s bold vision for the future.


Lisa Bond-Maupin, Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President
IAP Co-Lead

Amy Moffat, Associate Director of Institutional Assessment 
IAP Co-Lead