Strategic and Institutional Plan Working Group Membership

Academic Roadmap

Mary Oling-Sisay, Chair—Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies
Joseph Diémé, Chair—Chair, World Languages & Cultures
Lisa Tremain, Co-Chair—Integrated Curriculum Committee Chair 2020-21
Julie Alderson, Co-Chair (2019-2020)—Professor, Art / ICC Chair 2018-20
Taylor Bloedon—Graduate Council Representative / Assistant Professor, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration
Jenn Capps—Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Matthew Derrick—College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Representative / Chair, Geography
Zane Eddy—Associated Students Representative
Carl Hansen—Dean, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Tasha Howe—College of Professional Studies Representative / Chair, Psychology
Heather Madar—Associate Dean Fellow, College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences
Steve Martin—College of Natural Resources & Sciences Representative / Chair, Environmental Science & Management
Clint Rebik—Registrar, Office of the Registrar
Mary Watson—Administrative Support Coordinator, University Senate; Humboldt Alumni
Mark Wicklund—Associate Director of Academic Assessment, Academic Programs
Shawna Young—Dean, College of Professional Studies
Rick Zechman—Associate Dean, College of Natural Resources & Sciences

Resources Stewardship & Sustainability

Mike Fisher, Chair—Interim Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Amber Blakeslee, Co-Chair—Director, University Budget Office
Sherie Gordon, Co-Chair—Interim Vice President for Administration & Finance, Administrative Affairs /
Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Holly Martel, Co-Chair—Resources Director, Academic Affairs
Jill Anderson—Chair, General Education & All-University Requirements Committee
Michelle Anderson—Executive Assistant, Administrative Affairs
Anthony Baker—Budget Analyst, College of Natural Resources & Sciences
Josh Callahan— Chief Technology Officer and Director, Information Technology Services
Jeremiah Finley—President, Associated Students
Kacie Flynn—Executive Director, Sponsored Programs Foundation
Katie Koscielak—Sustainability Analyst, Facilities Management
Monty Mola—Chair, Physics & Astronomy
Connie Stewart—Executive Director of Initiatives
Jim Woglom—Assistant Professor, Art / Co-Chair, University Resource Planning Committee

Employee Engagement & Success

Nancy Olson, Chair—Training Specialist, Human Resources
Kristen Gould, Co-Chair—Director of Marketing, Marketing & Communications
Simone Aloisio—Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs, Academic Personnel Services,
Loren Collins—Faculty Support Coordinator for Center for Community Based Learning and
Academic & Career Advising Center
Enoch Hale—Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
Julia Heatherwick—Coordinator, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Kristin Johnson—Regional Director, NorCal Small Business Development Center
Scott Kasper—Employee Relations & Compliance Manager, Human Resources
Brandon McMillin—Accounting Tech, Accounting
Meridith Oram—Community Development Specialist, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Gabby Pelayo—Assistant, Academic Personnel Services
Garrett Purchio—Librarian, Humboldt Library
Leslie Rodelander—Grant Analyst, Sponsored Programs Foundation,
Amie Rodriguez—Administrative Support Coordinator, Testing Center /
Student Affairs Administrative Support (SAAS) Representative
Maria Sanchez Rios—Student Assistant, Admissions
Andrea Santamaria—Student Assistant, Admissions
Brandilynn Villarreal—Assistant Professor, Psychology, Equity Fellow
Arlene Wynn—Administrative Support Coordinator, Athletics
Jessica Welch—Administrative Support Coordinator, Humboldt Library
Hyun-Kyung You—Associate Professor, Child Development

Community Collaboration & Shared Success

Erin Kelly, Chair—Associate Professor, Forestry & Wildland Resources
Karen Diemer, Co-Chair—City Manager, City of Arcata
Sasheen Raymond, Co-Chair—Administrative Support Coordinator, Social Work
Natalie Arroyo—Lecturer, Environmental Science & Management
Christian Boyd—Humboldt Student
Susan Brater—Administrative Analyst, Sponsored Programs Foundation
Lizbeth Cano Sanchez—Student Assistant, Enrollment Management
Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond—Coordinator, Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program /
Director of Elite Scholars
Kim Laney—OLLI Coordinator, College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Fernando Paz—Coordinator, El Centro Académico Cultural
Jaguar Smith—Humboldt Student

Future Proofing Humboldt

Cyril Oberlander, Chair—Dean, Humboldt Library
Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond—Coordinator, Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program /
Director of Elite Scholars
Andrea Delgado—Assistant Professor, English
Jeremiah Finley—President, Associated Students
James Graham—Associate Professor, Environmental Science & Management
Stephanie Lane—Director of Alumni Relations, Alumni & Engagement
Kyle Leitzke—Academic Advisor, Academic & Career Advising Center
Paulo Martin—Humboldt Student
Li Qu—Assistant Professor, School of Business
Sheila Rocker-Heppe—Director of Extended Education and OLLI Programs,
College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Josh Smith—Director of Enrollment Management, Strategic Marketing and Communications
Erika Wright—Pre-award Specialist, Sponsored Programs Foundation

Student Experience & Success

Eboni Turnbow, Chair—Interim Dean of Students, Enrollment Management
Sarah Bacio—Advisor, Academic & Career Advising Center
Jenn Capps—Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Martin Gordillo—College of Professional Studies Representative, Associated Students
Kelsi Guerrero—Case Manager, Student Health & Wellbeing Services
Rob Keever—CARE Services Coordinator, Dean of Students Office
Donyet King—Director of Residence Life, Housing & Residence Life
Gilbert Lares—Student Organization Representative
Jenessa Lund—Executive Director, Associated Students
Raven Marshall—Student Organization Representative
Jason Meriwether—Vice President, Enrollment Management
Amanda Nelson—Compliance Officer, Athletics,
Lauren O’Grady—College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Representative, Associated Students
Tina Okoye—Resident Life Coordinator, Housing & Residence Life
Justus Ortega—Professor, Kinesiology & Recreation Administration
Brittany Panela—Student Organization Representative
Max Schmidtbauer—College of Natural Resources & Sciences Representative, Associated Students
Doug Smith—Coordinator, African American Center for Academic Excellence
Kimberly Stelter—Librarian, Humboldt Library
Arianna Thobaben—Learning Skills Specialist, Learning Center

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

Edelmira Reynoso, Chair—Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Jennifer Eichstedt, Co-Chair—Professor, Sociology
Fernando Paz, Co-Chair—Coordinator, El Centro Académico Cultural
Sasheen Raymond, Co-Chair—Administrative Support Coordinator, Social Work
Kimberly Vincent-Layton, Co-Chair—Instructional Designer, Center for Teaching & Learning
Cedric Aaron—Therapist Multicultural Specialist, Counseling & Psychological Services
Kayla Begay—Assistant Professor, Native American Studies
Lisa Bond-Maupin—Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Assistant to the President,
Office of the President
Nikola Hobbel—Professor, English
Tasha Howe—Professor and Chair, Psychology
Jourden Lamar—Humboldt Student, Associated Students
Michael Le—Interim Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Jenessa Lund—Executive Director, Associated Students
Katia Karadjova—Librarian, Humboldt Library
Kerri Malloy—Lecturer, Native American Studies
Meridith Oram—Community Development Specialist, Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Eric Palma—Compensation & Classification Manager, Human Resources
Linda Parker—Coordinator, Student Disability Resource Center
Sheila Rocker Heppe—Director of Extended Education and OLLI Programs,
College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Breannah Rueda—Humboldt Student
Tracy Smith—Director, Retention through Academic Mentoring Program
Roman Sotomayor—Humboldt Student
Janaee’ Sykes—Humboldt Student
Kumi Watanabe-Schock—Library Media Coordinator, Humboldt Library
Kim White—Associate Professor, Chemistry
Mark Wicklund—Associate Director of Academic Assessment, Academic Programs
Brandilynn Villarreal—Assistant Professor, Psychology