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News & Updates

First "My Favorite Lecture" - Partnerships & Community

Sep 14 2016 - "My Favorite Lecture" series draws 100 community members

Two New Community Partnerships - Partnerships & Community

Sep 9 2016 - A series of events are designed to connect students and the community implementation - Student Success

Sep 2 2016 - implementation in progress

Math Program Helps Students - Student Success

Aug 31 2016 - Getting students started on their path

Academic MAPs being updated - Student Success

Aug 30 2016 - Updating of MAPs

Strategic Assets - Resources & Sustainability

Aug 25 2016 - Aligning our resources and priorities

Group looks at new student onboarding - Student Success

Aug 22 2016 - Welcoming Students in new ways

Fall Welcome Talk - 3 Big Goals - General

Aug 22 2016 - President Rossbacher's Fall Welcome address to faculty and staff included three big goals for the University, each built on the Strategic Plan.

WASC - General

Aug 19 2016 - WASC Committee Continues its Self Study Report

Process & Timeline

September 23, 2014 University Senate and Executive Council discusses draft process.

September 30, 2014 Full University Senate discusses draft process

October 2014 Task Forces appointed

March 2015 Task Force reports are submitted to the Steering Committee. Reports should include background information on the issues, identified goals, recommended initiatives, and any resource requirements.

March 2015 The Steering Committee will integrate the task force recommendations and financial plans. These will be posted on the HSU website with an invitation to comment and provide additional input.

May 2015 The Steering Committee finalizes the strategic plan.