Student Health and Wellness Service Participates in Equity Workshop

January 17, 2018

Student Health and Wellbeing Services (SH&WS) is part of addressing a range of achievement/service gaps and is examining ways to continually improve service students of color at HSU, including through staff training in cultural awareness, competence, and humility, increasing staff diversity, partnering with cultural centers, and addressing equity in service utilization. SH&WS conducted a two-full-day training workshop for medical and counseling staff Jan 2018. Our training retreat was led by Dr. Khuram Hussain, a national leader of intergroup race dialogues in municipal and college settings, and was made possible by funding from a SAMHSA grant written in 2016 by PI Brian Mistler. Our retreat was focused on helping everyone on staff to more deeply recognize and address implicit bias and improve inclusive practices to better support students of color who would like health/counseling services. Training included work on transforming false empathy, witnessing that we live race in different ways, understanding white privilege, making room for storytelling, projection, finding authentic strength, and more.

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