Retention Efforts - New Communication

Student Success
October 28, 2016

To positively impact the Fall-to-Spring retention of first-time freshmen, we are planning a new communication with all first-time freshmen and their parents/families, to occur a week before Fall Break.  The intervention will consist of an email to all FTF, congratulating them on making a successful transition to HSU, encouraging them to talk with their parents/families about their registration plans (what courses, etc.) for Spring '17, and encouraging them to use the break to re-charge their energy for the push through the end of the semester. 

The communication to parents/families will consist of an email, acknowledging the transition they have experienced as their student has been away from home, providing them with 10 things you can do to support your student's continued success at HSU', and offering resources that are available on campus if their student indicates to them that they could use something (like, if your student says s/he is having a tough time in their math class, ask them if they have utilized the Math Lab or the Learning Center...).  We will put the same information out to parents/families via USPS

Blueprint Outcomes: