Reducing Food Waste

Resources & Sustainability
October 20, 2016

Humboldt State University is taking a big step toward reducing its food waste with the introduction of a broad food waste program that promises big results. With the of staff in the Office of Sustainability and Dining Services, food waste and food-soiled paper from all campus eateries, including the Jolly Giant Commons cafeteria, the South Campus Marketplace, and the Depot food court are now being collected and diverted. The new Food Waste Diversion Program involves a 20-cubic-yard composting bin installed near the J cafeteria. The new bio-bin allows the campus to compost all food, including meat, dairy, the clamshell food containers sold in the Depot, and compostable bioplastic utensils. The expanded program is expected to handle as much as 280,000 pounds of food waste per year.

Blueprint Outcomes: