Five-year business plans

Resources & Sustainability
June 1, 2016
Submitted by: 
Joyce Lopes

Humboldt State University’s foundations, auxiliary enterprises, and self-support operations are vital to our students’ academic experience. Their operations cover a wide range of important activities including seeking and securing charitable contributions, providing meals and housing, managing research grants, boosting campus pride, offering continuing education, and supporting student governance, student clubs, and parking facilities. It is important these entities and the university are working in support of each other in these endeavors.

To that end, President Rossbacher requested each of our auxiliary and self-support operations provide her with a business plan and five-year budget plan for use in coordinating with the University Resources and Planning Committee recommendations. Each of these organizations worked with their governing body to develop thoughtful and detailed reports. These reports have provided valuable information for our strategic plan and budget implementation and will ensure that our auxiliary, self-support and state-support operations are strategically aligned.