Launching our Second Century

Humboldt State University has evolved over the last 100 years – and particularly over the last decade – into an institution known for high quality academic programs, strong values related to sustainability and social justice, hands-on learning, and a strong connection with our unique place. Now, as we begin our second century, we have a plan in place to build on those strengths to offer an even better experience for our students. This Strategic Plan will guide our efforts in the coming years.

The Strategic Plan has four key goals focused on Student Success, Supporting Diversity, Partnerships & Community, and Resources & Sustainability. The full strategic plan is here (pdf) and a summary is here (pdf)

The Strategic Plan was developed throughout the 2014-15 academic year. During that time, the University community engaged in broad-based discussions about priorities, goals, and concrete steps that could be taken to help HSU better fulfill its mission. There were large planning sessions, small-group meetings, online submission of ideas, gatherings that involved communities off campus, and more. Our shared commitment and focus is vital for this plan to show results. On this site, you can provide your feedback and ideas, find ways to get involved, read updates about progress, and more.

Strategic Plan Project Board

The strategic planning project board shows the status of several projects, across the campus, that support our ongoing implementation of the strategic plan. The design is based on a tried and true project management methodology ( Learn More about Kanban/visual project management )and emphasizes transparency, accountability and flexibility – all of which are important aspects for our strategic plan implementation.

Strategic Planning Project Board Starting Spring 2017

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Get a detailed description of the board (pdf).



Two New Community Partnerships - Partnerships & Community

Sep 9 2016 - A series of events are designed to connect students and the community implementation - Student Success

Sep 2 2016 - implementation in progress

Math Program Helps Students - Student Success

Aug 31 2016 - Getting students started on their path

Academic MAPs being updated - Student Success

Aug 30 2016 - Updating of MAPs

Strategic Assets - Resources & Sustainability

Aug 25 2016 - Aligning our resources and priorities

Group looks at new student onboarding - Student Success

Aug 22 2016 - Welcoming Students in new ways

Fall Welcome Talk - 3 Big Goals - General

Aug 22 2016 - President Rossbacher's Fall Welcome address to faculty and staff included three big goals for the University, each built on the Strategic Plan.

WASC - General

Aug 19 2016 - WASC Committee Continues its Self Study Report

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Endorsed by the University Senate and Accepted by the President

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Blueprint for the HSU Strategic Plan

WASC Self-Study Priorities Drive Strategic Plan Implementation

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