u.direct Update

Student Success
March 1, 2016
Submitted by: 
Alex Enyedi, Provost; and Ken Ayoob, Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

u.direct, the companion software to u.achieve (DARS), is a planning and advising tool that will enable students to work with advisors to develop four-year plans and help departments and colleges predict course demand in advance of any given semester. As part of Strategic Plan implementation, the u.direct Working Group has developed a set of recommendations which include policy, process, and implementation initiatives. They have been submitted to the Provost and the Academic Policies Committee of the University Senate. Included are recommendations for major contracts, standardized degree MAPS (Major Academic Plan) which include graduation workflows, registration priority adjustments, developing and using academic milestones, mandatory use of u.direct, method of codifying course substitutions, and identification of a successor group to the current working group for implementation and oversight . In the Senate, a series of resolutions are being vetted by Academic Policies and will be brought before the full Senate for its review and advice to the Provost.