Sustainable Purchasing Group

Resources & Sustainability
May 3, 2016
Submitted by: 
Joyce Lopes

During the Spring Semester, a group of dedicated purchasing professionals working in departments all over HSU started meeting together to explore ways to infuse sustainability into our purchasing practices. During their first meeting, they learned the chemical makeup of plastic from our own chemistry faculty member, Julie Layshock. They discovered how far our plastic recycling travels from Humboldt County before it reaches a recycling center. This encouraged them to look for more sustainable purchasing approaches that limit plastic packaging. They have worked with Staples to identify more sustainable purchasing options offered through our CSU contract. They continue to meet regularly and find additional ways to reduce waste, choose 2 reuse, and find sustainable options for our purchasing priorities. These efforts are all in support of Strategic Plan Goal 4.4, "HSU's focus on environmental sustainability is fully incorporated into the operations of the University."